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Campos Community Garden beautifies the area and helps families trim their food budget, by enabling them to grow vegetables. We teach participants about conserving resources and treasuring the environment, while gardening itself keeps our mind busy and our body moving.

We do have assigned plots for growing food, but much of the garden is still communal.


In good faith, garden members agree to help with community work in the garden every year. This work can include building and repair, general cleaning and maintenance or helping with social gatherings and other cultural events and common chores such as helping refill the water barrels.  

For a quick orientation on membership requirements, you may check the points below and /or     visit our f.a.q. page  .




Feel free to come to one of the garden’s monthly meetings to introduce yourself.


We meet every last Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm, unless otherwise noticed.

Please remember to use Campos GL as a reference for any question you may have that is not already covered in here or in our F.A.Q. section :) 

Each member household is obligated to maintain open hours for 10 hours per season, in any combination of full open day times they wish.

Once you become a member you would have full access to our online garden duty calendar.  A paper calendar is also available in the garden shed​


When fulfilling open hours, members should perform general chores as needed during that time  

garden duties
annual duties

Dues : members must pay nonrefundable memberships dues each year to use the garden.


The 2018 membership dues per household are $10.  

Meetings : from April through October, all members are required to attend at least 4 meetings.


Members are encouraged to read the full list of chores available to them during opening hours- which can be found  in our

community GL-but, in general they should feel comfortable with both ideas of greeting / monitoring visitors and garden upkeep, which may includes filling the water barrels, straightening up the shed, pick up the trash and similar. 

If something gets unmanageable to you, do not hesitate to ask other members for help or suggestions 

general chores
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