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about campos

Revived in 2004 by concerned neighbors, the growing of herbs, fruits and vegetables is possible thanks to the garden unique spot under the sun.  This  urban food initiative  is shared with our diversified community: at Campos, you may hear us speak English, Spanish, French, Bengali and Italian while we work the ground.  

Campos is a sunny 5,000-square-foot community garden located on East Village, Manhattan. 

Started in 1982, it enjoyed years of productivity until the main organizer moved away, at which point the garden felled into disrepair and neglect, no longer open to the public

A dedicated space for children was added in 2006 and rebuilt in 2013, after hurricane Sandy’s destruction.  The children’s garden  currently hosts science and art projects for school age children.  


We hope for Campos to become a catalyst for neighborhood development by encouraging interactions which embody the very essence of our community : inclusive, unifying, and stimulating.                               

May 24th & May 25th 6pm-7:15pm (Raindates May 26,27)

“From Hell to Antigone”

Opera Essentia's New One-Hour Distillation of Handel’s Admeto from 1727





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